Doom Patrol Recap: The Cockroaches Almost Inherit The Earth In Ezekiel Patrol


If there’s one episode of this debut season of Doom Patrol that sent us running to our laptops with a singular, burning question for Google, it was this one, the finale in which we both find out about and meet (sort of) The Chief’s daughter. First things first: Yes, the Chief has a young daughter. She—like the Doom Patrol squad—is immortal and does not age (also: like the woman Chief had a relationship with long ago… where is she now?).

The Chief’s daughter’s name is Dorothy and from what we glimpsed, she dresses a lot like another iconic Dorothy we know. And yet we never see her face or learn how she came to live on Danny The Street. Hence, the Googling—though there will be no spoilers here.


At the top of the episode, Jane is living in the Patrol’s school bus, mainlining copious amounts of a drug that quiets all the personalities that live in her brain. Cliff is wandering the streets and leaving food at her door. Larry and Rita have moved into a nice little bungalow and are trying to reintegrate into society, but today’s teens are making that difficult. Vic is fighting cyber crime and seems bored out of his mind. They’re all still (rightfully) furious with the Chief, but when Danny is kidnapped and trapped in a painting by Mr. Nobody, the squad reunites to help their old friend. It’s then that Caulder explains to them why he ruined all of their lives: to protect the life of his own daughter.

Everyone is still pretty pissed, but they decide to take on Nobody for Danny’s sake. Inside the painting they’re confronted by a trifecta of evil: a giant rat, a giant cockroach, and a puny Nobody who’s been bested by his outsized former allies (somehow made XXL by Dorothy herself). It’s enough to make Nobody switch sides, resuming his White Space powers of narration in order to bring Admiral Whiskers and Ezekiel the zealot cockroach under his control. Using Larry’s talent for nuclear devastation, the Doom Patrol escapes the painting using Ezekiel as their vehicle (a little radiation is nothing to a roach). Back in their own dimension, they free themselves by slicing open his abdomen… the only catch? With the exception of Larry, they’re just a *bit* smaller than they were when they left.


5 questions we have about the Season 1 finale of Doom Patrol:

1. Since when does the Chief have a daughter, and who on Earth is her mother?

2.  Why didn’t we get to see Dorothy’s face? Is her face dangerous? Why did she live in a dollhouse? Why doesn’t she age? What are her superpowers? We have so many Dorothy questions.

3. Is this the end of Mr. Nobody? Is it strange that we actually feel a bit bad for him?

4. Is there anything more revolting that a giant cockroach making out with a giant rat? Oh wait, we forgot: the Beard Hunter.

5. How is Larry going to get the team back to their proper size? Does Doom Manor have a machine for that?

Check out the full episode below: