Doom Patrol Recap: It’s Here: The Penultimate Patrol


If you want to be part of a club that everyone refers to as the ‘Doom Patrol,’ you probably shouldn’t expect a happy ending—especially not one that seems to come as easily as the fake-out ending came at us in this, the penultimate (it’s right there in the title) episode of Doom Patrol’s premiere season. During a quick stopover on Danny The Street, the team finds out where Mr. Nobody has been keeping Niles (and we find out that Mr. Nobody is basically a early version of a frustrated incel who’s been jilted by a woman who realized how pathetic he is—don’t @ us).

After an embarrassing and extremely public delay, Flex Mentallo figures out which of his mysterious muscles will spring the squad into the White Space where Niles and Mr. Nobody are waiting for them. The superhero standoff Nobody wanted is about to go down. Or is it? Flex’s flex lands Jane, Cliff, Larry, and Rita back in their old lives—at those moments just before everything went bad. Cliff still has a human body. Larry isn’t burnt to a crisp. Rita doesn’t melt under pressure and Jane, well… things were never all that great for Jane.


Mr. Nobody gives them a choice: stay here in these blissful pre-disaster vignettes forever or head out into the White Space to try to save The Chief. Our Doomies are brave, and after a few minutes of internal struggle, they leave their old selves behind despite knowing what lies ahead. Out in White Space, Nobody is doing his annoying narrator thing until clever Rita realizes that any one of them can take over the story. She does and it brings everyone together (minus Vic, who’s with his father learning some of the truth about the accident that killed his mother).

Standing united against Nobody, the team gives the floor to Janes’ Dr. Harrison, who psychoanalyses him until he begins to crumble—which is when Vic shows up and Cyborgs him to dust. Everyone lives happily ever after.

Except for the whole caught-in-a-time-loop-and-crushed-by-a-giant-robot-thing. Damn, Nobody is crafty. He’s been posing as Vic for an entire year! Did the team even leave the White Space, or have they been there all along? One thing is for sure: they’re all there now, there out of chocolate chips, and Mr. Nobody is about to reveal his endgame. He wants the truth—he wants Niles to tell Rita, Vic, Larry, Cliff, and Jane that it was he, their Chief, who was behind the terrible events that ruined their lives. Can they forgive him?


5 questions we have about this week’s episode of Doom Patrol:

1.  What ever became of Millie?

2. Did Flex stay on Danny The Street? Can he come to the rescue? He flexed the team in, can’t he flex them out?

3. Was Mr. Nobody just humouring Rita when she began her own narration? Does the Doom Patrol have any power inside the White Space?

4. If Niles orchestrated every misfortune that’s befallen that Doom Squad, does that mean he was behind the death of Vic’s mother?

5. Was that giant robot at the end one of the lame ideas that got Mr. Nobody kicked out of the Brotherhood of Evil? Because that thing looked budget.

Check out the full episode below: