Doom Patrol Recap: It’s A Memory Muscle Workout In Flex Patrol


Flex Mentallo, the Man of Muscle and Mystery that we’ve been trying to find since the Doom Patrol’s time on Danny The Street, actually showed up a week ago without us noticing. Remember Ant Farm prisoner 722? That’s Flex—and we weren’t the only ones who had no idea. Flex has zero memory of being Flex, and the squad’s efforts to snap him out of his amnesia aren’t having any effect (though that makeover was fun). As a lead on where the Chief might be, Flex is a bit of a wet noodle. But there’s another piece to this Ant Farm puzzle.

The energy spirit inside Larry remembers more about their time at the Ant Farm than Larry himself does, and it does its mind-meld thing to show him what he missed. The three of them were neighbours and Flex went to great lengths to try to bust them all out of the Ant Farm. Unlike Larry, Flex can communicate with the spirit and he knows that the spirit is being tortured by the goons at the Farm. Sadly, it’s Larry’s cowardice that delays the escape… until it’s too late.


Rita spends the episode with Victor at the hospital where Silas is (hopefully) recovering. She’s trying to convince him to reinstall Grid, since they won’t be able to track the Beard Hunter if he doesn’t. There’s also the fact that Vic is coming apart at the seams without Grid, so… Vic isn’t easy to win over but Rita goes into the discussion armed with new confidence that comes courtesy of her heart to heart chat with… Mr. Nobody? How does getting Rita to confess her darkest actress-procuring secrets help him?

Nobody isn’t about to spill the T anytime soon. We’ve got two more episodes left of this season and all he’s saying is that he’s looking forward to a true superhero vs. supervillain showdown. As to where and when that will take place, your guess is as good as ours.


5 questions we have about this week’s episode of Doom Patrol:

1. What dark fate could Nobody possibly have in store for the Doom Patrol (minus Cyborg)?

2. Why did Larry’s spirit pal decide to stay with him when Larry himself was willing to let him have his freedom?

3. Has Nobody been dragging the team through hell and back—making them stronger, making them a real team—just so he could have a proper superhero squad to knock down?

4. Is this the last we’ll see of Flex? Can he put aside his heartbreak to help out in the fight to get The Chief back?

5. And one more thing about Flex: how did he get out of the ad?

Check out the full episode below: