Doom Patrol Recap: Vic Melts Down In Cyborg Patrol


Darren Jones and the Bureau of Normalcy have seriously screwed things up for Cyborg and his semi-super friends. Vic is being held at the Ant Farm (Larry and his energy friend know the place a little too well), and getting him out of there is basically a suicide mission (where’s the Suicide Squad when you need them?).

The crew debates how to best help Vic, who has shut down Grid and is next to helpless in the hands of the Bureau. Before they get anywhere with their plan, Silas shows up with his own. He wants to take the entire squad into the heart of the Ant Farm and use them as bait to get Jones to release his son. Not only does it fool Jones, but Silas actually has us going for a while there, too.


The most ingenious part of the plan involves smuggling Rita into the Farm inside of Cliff. It’s a genuinely surprising and hilarious reveal. With Rita free to roam, she can release the others (though Jane does just fine on her own after Karen makes a brief appearance and wins over her totally basic torturer). There’s this weird moment when Larry, separated from the energy, looks as though he’s about to leave him behind. He doesn’t, but we were worried. In fact, the gang refuses to leave anyone behind. They effectively shut down the Farm releasing all of its prisoners—including the butts, which handily put an end to Jones and his men. Bye bye, Bureau!

And while we wish that was where the episode ended, there was tragedy waiting down one of those dark Farm hallways. With Vic’s incessantly rebooting system showing him looped footage of his father trying to control him, Vic goes on the attack, punching Silas over and over again in the face until he… well, it doesn’t look good. Silas wanted to reinstall Grid, but Vic feared that is was the operating system that was turning him completely cybernetic. That’s when Mr. Nobody shows up and our ideas about who might be messing with Vic’s head are turned inside out.


5 questions we have about this week’s episode of Doom Patrol:

1.  Where—other than at the Ant Farm—does one come across a horde of cannibalistic butts?

2. Was there ever a more fitting episode end (pun intended) for a villain like Darren Jones?

3. Should Vic reinstall Grid? Is that his best (only) hope?

4. What is going on in Vic’s head? It looks like a war zone. Who is really in control?

5. Is this the end of Silas? Is he dead? He looks a bit dead.

Check out the full episode below: