Doom Patrol Recap: Things Get Swampy In Frances Patrol


The gang goes gator hunting in this latest episode of Doom Patrol when Rita and Cliff head to Florida to crash the funeral of Cliff’s nemesis, Bump (who also happens to have raised his daughter, Clara, after the accident that killed both Cliff and his wife). Bump has been devoured by a legendary alligator that goes by the name of Frances. When she (or he) got him, he was wearing an engraved gold watch—the watch that Cliff left to Clara in his will. The watch that Clara had engraved for Bump when he officially adopted her on her 18th birthday. A special watch. A watch that Cliff is determined to get back… from inside a swamp gator.

Taking Rita with him, Cliff combs the backwaters of Florida for the watch-eating gator before having a total mental breakdown, making Rita think that he’s completely fried his brain. She doesn’t understand why he can’t simply offer Clara an apology, his love, and his support. Cliff needs to be the hero, though and heroes retrieve engraved gold watches from inside the intestines of alligators. In the end he gets the watch but still can’t confront Clara face to face.


Meanwhile, Larry is on his own emotional odyssey chasing John through a dream world orchestrated by the energy dude he’s been co-sharing a body with. Finally (finally!) Larry gets it. He understands what John had been trying to tell him for years: you can’t spend a lifetime hiding because you’re afraid other people won’t accept you. Larry visits John IRL one last time—and just in time. He gets there thanks to a Post-it message puzzle left for him by his bodymate. ‘Erie,’ it tells him… and Larry knows instantly what (and who) he means.  

Things don’t go as well for Jane and Vic (especially Vic), who are united in their efforts to find the Chief. That leads them to follow the clue left by Danny the Street: track down the man missing from the comic book ad, Flex Mental. Flex has left us, but his widow is still alive, and so the pair sets up a meeting with her. This happens after Vic performs routine surgery on his own arm to discover that what Grid has told him is true—the cyborg part of him is taking over. He’s becoming progressively less and less human. Naturally, Vic is freaked out. He shuts down Grid, fearful that he’ll become the monster from Jane’s painting. Without it, however, he’s unable to defend himself—which is how Darren Jones and his crew are able to kidnap him so easily and trap him at the Ant Farm. Oh shiiii—


5 questions we have about this week’s episode of Doom Patrol:

1.  Did Clara get a sense of who the robot man at her dad’s funeral really was? There seemed to be some kind of recognition on her face after Cliff left the watch for her.

2. How did Cliff’s entire robot body not seize up and rust in that dank swampwater?

3. Has Larry finally learned to communicate and coexist with the being he now shares his body with? Yeesh, it took him long enough (since the Kennedy administration, FYI).

4. What’s going on with Vic’s cyborg components? How is it that they’re colonizing his body? Is it all in his head?

5. WTF is the Ant Farm and what are they going to do to Vic there?

Check out the full episode below: