Doom Patrol Recap: Like Paw Patrol, Except Good


Cloverton can’t catch a break. Fresh from a donkey’s insides, the town is now under siege by a giant eyeball with the power to blink them out of existence. And it’s doing just that. As townspeople go *poof*, the team left at Doom Manor despairs and Cliff and Jane realize that they’re trapped inside a snow globe (which is less fun than it sounds). With the world on the verge of ending, Caulder talks Mr. Nobody into working as a team—temporarily, of course. The Chief returns home to let the squad and his old friend Kip in on the plan, which involves messing around with time to create a second cult that will have an equal and opposite effect to counteract what’s happening thanks the Cult of the Unwritten Book-ers.

This takes us back in Jane’s (or should we say Kay’s?) timeline to the 1970s, when she and everyone else that lives inside her brain were all locked up in a brutal mental institution and abused by a misogynistic sadist. He, however, has met his match in Dr. Harrison, one of Jane’s personalities with the power of extreme persuasion—which she uses not only to mess with him but to help build the foundation that will, fifty years later, save the world. Working together, Mr. Nobody and Dr. Harrison convince the other patients at the clinic that the Cult of the Rewritten Book is a thing and that they should be members. Belief counters belief, which at the very least gets us back to square one (a world coming to an end thanks to a decreator called climate change instead of a giant eyeball called the Decreator). 


While everyone in the present day is trying to find the small black pug that is Elliot’s Decreator counterpart (all while trying not to get raptured), Cliff discovers Jane’s core personality, the one who the rest are protecting. Will we ever get to truly meet Kay?

Once the Recreator has set everything right again, the team gets to enjoy a very brief but touching reunion back at the Manor. It’s cut short by Nobody, who freezes time and takes Caulder back to who-knows-where. As if that didn’t already suck, the freeze also causes Vic’s arm cannon to backfire, injuring him badly. Damn.


5 questions we have about this week’s episode of Doom Patrol:

1. What does Vic suspect about his father? Why has he been dodging his calls?

2. How did Caulder know to show up to save Jane from the lobotomy she was on her way to?

3. It seems like it’ll be impossible for Larry to move forward without making peace with the energy being inside of him, but how will he find a way to even communicate with him? Or it?

4. What was the point of Nobody injuring Vic? Why him? Why his arm cannon?

5. What does Mr. Nobody mean when he tells Jane to “find” the Doom Patrol? Isn’t she, like, in it?

Check out the full episode below: