Doom Patrol Recap: It’s Puppet Patrol To The Rescue In Paraguay


Welcome to Fuchtopia (that’s fook-topia, you guys), the most messed-up place on Earth (until next week’s episode of Doom Patrol, anyway). We’re here in Paraguay in search of the missing Chief. How did we get here? Road trip! Without daddy’s private jet (nice try though, Vic) the squad has spent several weeks on the road—until Larry decides to spar with his energy pal while behind the wheel. The bus is toast, but after a few days in a motel Jane reveals that one of her personalities has the power to zap them to Paraguay. And she does, leaving Vic and Rita behind. Harsh.

The transported trio quickly link up with an augmentation tourist heading to Fuchtopia, the HQ of Dr. von Fuchs himself (the mad Nazi scientist behind Morden’s transformation into the metahuman Mr. Nobody). There, they’re treated to a super creepy puppet show and offered super power augmentation options. While one might choose magnet feet, the high-end item on the menu is the full Morden. Cliff, Jane, and Larry pose as potential clients, but their cover is quickly blown when their credit cards are declined. Jane confronts Morden himself, realising that while she is 64 people in one body, he is one person spread across dozens of bodies. From his Vaudevillian barker’s booth, he commands every single body in Fucktopia, including the puppets.


When those bodies begin to attack, Cliff turns into a killing machine (it was TOTALLY self defence) and Jane takes aim at von Fuchs himself, which is the death knell for Fuchtopia. Still, Jane is horrified by what Cliff has done. While this is all going down, Larry is inside Dr. von Fuchs’ machine, trying to separate himself from the energy thing that lives inside him. It works. For like, a minute—long enough for Larry to have to confront his ex-lover and relive the memories of being a one-man Chernobyl who gets dumped by his wife. Which, you know, stings.

As part of what’s looking like a strategy to control Vic (were those memories of his accident and his mother’s death doctored?), Silas sends the jet to pick everyone up, telling his son that he’ll always be there to bail him out. “Control is a weapon for fascists,” Jane writes on the jet’s window. Fun fact: Tank Girl and Doctor Who director Rachel Talalay directed this peach of an episode.


5 questions we have about this week’s episode of Doom Patrol:

1. Wait a second… do Clovertonians actually remember life inside the donkey? That’s got to be uncomfortable. No wonder they’re mad.

2. What was the Chief doing in Fuchtopia/Paraguay in 1948? What let him to von Fuchs and Morden?

3. Why is Jane so angry at Cliff for protecting them all? It’s not like he had a choice when the Fuch-bots all descended on him.

4. Will our augmented part-tree/part-dinosaur friend become a supervillain for the Doom Patrol to take on, or are his powers just too ridiculous?

5. Will Cliff ever be brave enough to reconnect with his daughter, or will he keep using Jane as a substitute?

Check out the full episode below: