Doom Patrol Recap: Donkey Patrol Delivers Another Fant-ass-tic Episode


As far as we know, ‘bag of ham’ isn’t exactly a term of endearment—and yet Cliff (the aforementioned ham bag), Larry, Rita, and Vic (more on him in a moment) seem pretty dear to our narrator, Mr. Nobody. Why else would he suck three out of the four into a donkey’s mouth in order to subject them to individually tailored forms of emotional torture? Nothing says love like that, right?

This week’s episode picks up where we left off last week: standing over a gaping hole in the ground as the town of Cloverton, an overly confident cockroach, and the Chief are sucked down inside. Jane goes too, but she was the only one who jumped willingly, leaving Cliff hysterical, Rita in denial, and Larry running away from it all (a thing he’s incredibly unsuccessful at doing).


This would be a great time for someone to step in and take charge. Luckily, Vic (aka Detroit’s own crime-fighting superhero, Cyborg) does. Err, tries to. When Jane shows up unexpectedly via the mouth of a donkey, she’s understandably shaken—all 64 of her. So the team has to find another way to track down their Chief. It goes like this: Vic figures out that the donkey is a door. Rita uses her melty plastic talent thing to get herself, Vic, and Larry through it and the trio end up back in Cloverton (which is now in the donkey—just go with it). Inside, they are confronted with their most shameful histories in technicolour. Thanks to Larry’s pal, they eventually escape. The squad actually seems one or two steps closer to becoming something that looks super(ish).

Back at the Manor, the gang receives a surprise visit from Silas, Vic’s father. He demands that his son return home to Detroit, promising to give him a “god-like” upgrade if he does. Can we just say right now what a weird thing that is to offer your kid? Anyway, Vic turns him down, opting to stay at Doom Manor and continue looking for Caulder—despite Nobody’s threat to expose each of them if they keep up the search. One of the episode’s last scenes reveals a bit more about Larry’s relationship with the energy dude inside him. Apparently they communicate through Post-it notes? And Larry’s decided it’s time to lay down some ground rules.


5 questions we have about this week’s episode of Doom Patrol:

1. Vic figures out that Mr. Nobody is, for some reason, scared of this ragtag crew of semi-super people—but why?

2. What has Vic’s dad been doing to his son’s cyborg brain? Is he trying to control him? Again, why?

3. If Cloverton and its citizens and Jane were all inside the donkey, where has Caulder gone? Why wasn’t he spit out, too? How much control does Nobody have in that kind of realm?

4. What was up with Jane’s painting in that final shot? Was that Cyborg carrying his father, Silas?

5. Can one of Jane’s personalities see the future?

Check out the full episode below: