Claymation Doom Will Blow Your Mind—Then Your Head Off

Ever since the original Doom blasted onto MS-DOS way back in 1993, the sci-fi/horror staple has been cherished for its gruesome display of blood-spattered carnage. So what happens when you turn all that mayhem into a two-and-a-half minute claymation short? Well, it stays pretty damn true to its hellish roots.

The latest instalment in the Doom franchise hits stores in just two days (fittingly on Friday the 13th), and animator Lee Hardcastle made a brilliant Claymation short to celebrate the occasion. Mind you, we haven’t seen a proper Doom since 2004, so this is kind of a big deal. A pretty jarring juxtaposition of cute and horrific, it pretty much nails all the memorable characters from the series—the one exceptional being the main hero’s now a feline.

Just watch it.

Sorry, that was a very mean prank. Here’s an actual good interpretation of Doom.

Hardcastle has actually been making these babies for years, so check out some other Space-friendly gems below.

Can’t stop! So good!