Don’t Breathe Just Scared Its Way To One Of The Best Labour Day Weekend Showings Ever

Thriller Don’t Breathe (read our enthusiastic review) has done very, very well for itself since it hit theatres on August 25. Now, it’s gone on to surpass box office expectations and earn well past its budget. It’s raked in a killer (sorry not sorry) amount on Labour Day Weekend—one of the best ever for the holiday, according to The Hollywood Reporter—and put pretty much every other movie at the cineplex to shame on that front.

Don’t Breathe—which follows three burglars as they make the mistake of breaking into a blind vet’s house, only to have the robbery go horribly awry—is projected to bring in over $19 million for its Labour Day weekend showings, earning the flick $54.8 million for its 10 days spent in theatres so far.

Considering that the whole production cost less than $10 million to make, this is a huge win for Don’t Breathe, which rarely steps foot outside of one makeshift house of horrors in Detroit.

Movies that aren’t doing so great this holiday weekend? The Light Between Oceans is the drama that has Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander falling in love thanks to soft lighting and raising a baby that isn’t theirs (due to a shipwreck, or something), and it only earned $4.5 million over the course of that three-day stretch. Suicide Squad is still filling theatres five weeks after its release, and brought in double what Light Between Oceans did with a Labour Day weekend gross of $10 million.

The moral of this box office story: Long weekends are more suited for psychological thrillers involving turkey basters in a terrifying twist or comic-book franchise bonanzas. They’re not so great for love stories that make you cry and involve babies washing ashore in tiny boats.