Rogue One’s Donnie Yen Will ‘Make A Man Out Of You’ In Disney’s Live-Action Mulan

It’s been a while since there have been any notable updates surrounding Disney’s upcoming live-action Mulan, but they do say that time makes the heart grow fonder—and we are certainly fond of the newest addition to the film’s cast.

While we’re waiting to see how Star Wars IX will fill the casting hole Carrie Fisher left behind, Disney has announced that Rogue One’s Donnie Yen is set to play Commander Tung in the upcoming live-action Mulan film. Playing opposite of  Liu Yifei’s Mulan, Yen will take on the role of mentor and teacher to the young woman fighting for her family. With this announcement, one has to wonder if the age difference between the two actors will change the quasi-romantic character arc conclusion highlighted in the original animated film.

Unfortunately, Yen may not have a chance to fulfill the very specific/distinctly musical hopes and dreams many have held since the movie’s announcement. Unlike the direction that Beauty and the Beast went—aka staying true to a majority of its animated counterpart’s content—Mulan’s director Niki Caro announced that Mulan may not be a musical at all. Listing the current production direction as “a big, girly martial arts epic,” Caro has not only revealed that the Disney film’s original format has been drastically changed, but has crushed our dreams of seeing Yen belting out the timeless training classic “I’ll make a man out of you.” Hopefully Mushu isn’t cut for realism.

Despite the change in release date to March 27, 2020, we’re still excited for Mulan to have her time in the spotlight again. You don’t have to be a princess to be a Disney princess; sometimes you can be a cool martial artist with a heart of gold and a sword of steel.