Is A Donnie Darko Sequel In The Works?

It’s time to throw your slouchy grey hoodie on and start playing “Mad World” on repeat, because a sequel to the 2001 cult hit Donnie Darko could be coming to theatres in the near future.

In a recent interview with HMV, Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly mentioned the possibility of a sequel during a discussion about the film’s 15th anniversary re-release. When asked about a potential sequel, Kelly acknowledged that “there’s something much bigger and more ambitious to do in that universe,” but that he wants to “make sure we’ve got the budget to do it justice and not to compromise anything” before he makes any definitive plans.

On one hand, a high-budget Donnie Darko sequel could be amazing—the first film was chock-full of information and theories about time travel, so there are tons of opportunities for flashy, special effects-laden scenes in the new entry. On the other hand, some would argue that part of the charm of the original—which stars a young Jake Gyllenhaal at his broodiest and sassiest—comes from the fact that it’s very clearly an indie film.

Interestingly, Kelly didn’t acknowledge the existence of another (arguably non-canon) sequel, 2009’s S. Darkoduring the interview. However, it’s safe to assume that any sequel Kelly directs will perform better than the Chris Fisher-helmed S. Darko, which currently has a not-so-fresh 13% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Donnie Darko, which stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore, The Hunger Games’ Jena Malone, and the late Patrick Swayze, is known for its confusing-yet-intriguing plot and for featuring a truly disturbing life-sized rabbit as one of its main characters. Will the sequel be just as strange? Will we find out more about what’s written in Roberta Sparrows’ The Philosophy of Time Travel? And, most importantly, will Seth Rogen reprise his role as school bully Ricky Danforth? Only time will tell.