Donald Glover Claims Solo Is ‘A Lot More Fun’ Than Other Star Wars Movies


While Solo: A Star Wars Story has gone through some serious production woes, the recent trailer promised all the space opera essentials, giving fans reasons to be optimistic. However, there’s still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the tone and feel of this film, which makes some recent comments from co-star Donald Glover especially newsworthy.

“I think it’s just a lot more fun,” he said, comparing Solo to its predecessors. “All the Star Wars [movies] are really fun, but I think this movie—we know what’s going to happen, we know they’re not going to die, you know? We know, kind of, what happens, but how we got there, I guess, is the crux of it. So we’re allowed to have a lot more fun than I think the other movies where you have to deal with a lot of the lineage in what’s going to happen. I think this movie’s just a fun summer film. I’m really excited about it. It’s really cool.”

For those trying to gauge what Glover might mean, it’s worth noting that the film’s original directors were Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, two filmmakers who established a distinctive brand of fun in The LEGO Movie and two Jump Street movies. Asked if director Ron Howard deviated from their approach, Glover offered an unambiguous reply. “Not a lot at all, at least not for me,” he explained. “I think we’ve all never been faced with anything like that and I think he [Howard] did a good job of coming and telling us he didn’t want to change what we were doing at all. He wanted us to remain confident in our vision. He just wanted to sculpt it in a way.”

Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives in theatres on May 25. Check out the trailer below.