Don’t Blink: How Well Would You Do In A Staring Contest Against Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels?

Pop quiz: In the Doctor Who universe, what is an Angel?

A) An Angel is an Angel

B) That which holds the image of an Angel is an Angel

C) An Angel and its image are both Angels


If you answered C, you might have a chance of making it through the BBC’s new online Weeping Angels game without being sent back through space and time to some random destination like 1642 AD. Rule one: don’t blink.

The BBC Taster-designed game lets you attempt to avenge Amy and Rory by challenging the onscreen Angels to a staredown (much like Amy had to do while trapped in a trailer on Alfava Metraxis in ‘The Time of The Angels’). Succeed, and you’ll have a chance to retake the key to the TARDIS and go wherever you want to, as opposed to being condemned to the time/space location chosen by the Angels.


Using your computer’s webcam, the game is able to detect your eye movements—blink or look away and the angels on screen get ever closer. Do it enough times (four or five, roughly) and Doctor Who’s most terrifying villains will be all over you. To win, you have to hold out long enough for the TARDIS to get there to rescue you. When it does, you can snatch the key from the stony hands of an Angel and make a run for it, leaving the quantum-locked Angels behind you forever. You can test the strength of your eyelids by checking out the game on the BBC’s site here. Good luck!