Meet Doctor Who’s Groundbreaking Thirteenth Doctor

The earth is still warm in the spot where Twelve buried his fiery, regenerating hands just two weeks ago on the season finale of Doctor Who and we’re already finding out who’ll play Thirteen.

In “The Doctor Falls,” Peter Capaldi handed in his penultimate tenure-ending performance as Twelve (he’ll be back at Christmas for a final bow), fighting the Time Lord law of regeneration with everything he had. But the TARDIS knows best. She delivered the Doctor to an earlier incarnation of himself—the very First. How is that even possible and what will he learn from him(self)? We’ll have to wait until December to find out. Today, however, we learn the name of the actor destined to step into Thirteen’s shoes (notice we didn’t say Dr. Marten boots—no one could possibly fill those).

On Friday, the BBC unveiled this teaser, announcing that the actor who’ll play Thirteen would be revealed today, after some kind of sporting event:

With the little tennis match out of the way (no, Roger Federer does not get to be the Thirteenth Doctor), we can make room for the actual news of the day. The new Doctor is:

The choice of Broadchurch and Black Mirror’s Jodie Whittaker marks the first time in history that the role will be taken on by a woman—and for anyone who doesn’t have imagination enough left over to envision a female Doctor (after accepting the existence of Daleks, time travel, and fish sticks and custard as a valid dietary choice), we say: Make room. It’s a big universe.