Dreaming Of A Who Holiday? Space Has You Covered With Our Christmas With The Doctor Marathon

doctor who

This year, time and space are aligning for the perfect holiday tradition: a Christmas Day marathon screening of Season Ten of Doctor Who. Twelve episodes, the Twelfth Doctor, Twelve Days of Christmas—what could be better? We’ll tell you: following it all up with the premiere of the annual Doctor Who Christmas Special, “Twice Upon a Time.”

Clearly, you’ve all been very good—much like this season of Doctor Who. The countdown to the Christmas Day marathon is on, until then we’re reminiscing, episode by episode, about Peter Capaldi’s final season of as the Doctor (with GIFs, naturally).


“The Pilot”


In which we met the Doctor’s newest companion, Bill, and Bill met the Doctor’s oldest companion, the TARDIS.




Trying to indoctrinate an apathetic teenager into the magical world of Who? Show them “Smile,” the episode written in their language (emoji, FYI).


“Thin Ice”


This season of Who didn’t shy away from issues like politics, sexism, and the whitewashing of history. In “Thin Ice” the Doctor deals with the above in a very un-Doctorlike way. We loved it.


Knock Knock


You’re going to look at your Christmas tree a little differently after witnessing the horrors that come out of the woodwork in this episode.




Thank heavens for Bill’s sense of humour. Without it, this might be one of the saddest episodes of Who ever written. The huge sacrifice the Doctor makes for his new companion is incredibly moving. Pro tip: ask Santa to put a new handkerchief in your stocking.




“Trust” and “Missy” aren’t two words typically used in the same sentence but this season was all about the Doctor’s relationship with his oldest frenemy: the Time Lord known as The Master/Missy. It was an emotional rollercoaster.


“The Pyramid at the End of the World”


The fate of the world is in the ultimate catch-22 position: accept certain annihilation or accept an alien race called the Monks as the new rulers of Earth. Can the Doctor tip the scales in humanity’s favour? Of course he can, it’s just that the price is too big to pay.


“The Lie of the Land”


The second half of this two-part episode sees the Doctor fake us (and Bill) out with a fake regeneration. Hands up if your heart stopped when you first saw this episode.


“Empress of Mars”


Fun Fact: Mark Gatiss wrote this British military-themed episode of Doctor Who. Mark Gatiss will also have a big role in the Christmas Special as a British WWI-era military man called The Captain.


“The Eaters of Light”


It’s so cool when Doctor Who decides to tackle one of history’s great mysteries with a theory involving aliens and extraterrestrial forces. This time, they solve the disappearance of the Ninth Legion of the Imperial Roman army.


“World Enough and Time”


Things got very dark in the penultimate episode of Season Ten of Doctor Who. Like Danny Pink before her, Bill gets Cyber’d, a previously un-reversible process that’s going to take a miracle (like love, awww) to fix.


“The Doctor Falls”


Just when we thought we could count on Missy, a previous incarnation of her Time Lord self shows up to confuse us. Missy never swung completely over to the side of good, but we find out in the end that she wasn’t all bad either.


“Twice Upon a Time”


Are you ready to say goodbye to Twelve? Here’s where that handkerchief is going to come in handy again.

The Doctor Who Marathon begins Christmas Day at 8:30am on Space and runs all day until the debut of your favourite holiday tradition, the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Catch “Twice Upon A Time” (for the first time) at 9e 6p. Check out the promo below.