Doctor Who Promo Injects World Cup Finals With Timey-Wimey Energy


We’ve known about Jodie Whittaker’s trailblazing role as BBC’s Thirteenth (and first female) Doctor Who for about a year, but the excitement still hasn’t worn off—especially now that Doctor Who Season 11 is just around the corner.

BBC and FIFA decided to take advantage of Whovians’ collective excitement by releasing a brand-new promo this Sunday, when France and Croatia faced off in the most eagerly anticipated soccer standoff of 2018. In the promo, three unsuspecting citizens (Tosin Cole as Ryan, Mandip Gill as Yasmin, and Bradley Walsh as Graham, Doctor Who‘s new companions) spot a mysterious being who marginally improves each of their lives when it walks past. Yasmin is treated to a entire, delicious-looking pizza after opening an empty box and jokingly chastising her friend for taking the last slice. The being goes on to replace Graham’s boring-looking newspaper with a decidedly more fun copy of British comic magazine The Beano.

We then, of course, learn that the mysterious being is none other than Doctor Who herself, decked in the long grey trench coat we know and have come to love. Based on Thirteen’s apparent affinity for pizza and comics, it’s seems that our Doctor will be significantly more fun-loving and playful than Peter Capaldi’s guarded (but nonetheless loveable) Twelve—maybe Segun Akinola’s new Who theme song will reflect that change?

The end of the video teases that “the Universe is calling”—but what does that mean? Unfortunately we won’t find out for sure until the new season premieres later this year, but until then we’ll settle for leaving the promo on repeat.

Check out the full promo below.