Here’s The Trailer And Premiere Date For Doctor Who Season 9

doctor who


Praise Comic-Con! The first trailer for Doctor Who’s ninth series is here and with it, a definitive date for the series premiere. The BBC revealed the footage at San Diego’s festival of all things comic and sci-fi related, giving us a first look at Peter Capaldi’s return to the role of Time Lord number 12—and a sneak peek at one highly anticipated guest star.

Watch and weep (for joy):

Wow. It’s impressive just how much they managed to pack into a minute-and-a-half-long video. Things you probably expected: The Daleks, Clara, a flying telephone box, sonic screwdrivers, and The Mistress (aka Missy), whose return to the show was reported on months ago.

Things you probably didn’t expect? A host of creepy hands reaching out of the earth, two-faced aliens, the Doctor’s electric guitar playing abilities, and Missy—looking not as if she were about to destroy Clara, but as though some sort of alliance may have been formed (however temporarily).

The major reveal comes at the end of the clip however, when Game of ThronesMaisie Williams makes her appearance and we find out that she and the Doctor have met at least once before. Where and how and what does it mean for this season’s storyline? “It’s going to be surprising, what she gets up to,” is the only thing showrunner Steven Moffat would tell his Comic Con audience.

If we could just climb aboard the TARDIS and time travel to September 19, the date of season premiere ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’. Instead, we’ll go watch that trailer for a sixth (and seventh) time while practicing our impression of Peter Capaldi’s eyebrows.