Here’s When Doctor Who Is Coming Back Next Year


Fancy a trip in the box? For the second time in a little over a week, we got another new trailer for the upcoming season of Doctor Who. This one, however, comes with a serious bonus: the 2020 premiere date.

Fans won’t have to hold out far into the new year for new Who—the Doctor and her three companions will be back in the TARDIS and on our screens on January 1. In light of the new trailer, we’ve got new questions (and we can’t wait until New Year’s Day to start getting some answers):

First: Who or what is after the Doctor this time—and why does it seem so much more ominous than it has in the past?

Who is the Doctor calling at the beginning of this new trailer? And what is the big, serious, seriously big crisis she needs help with (or that this person needs to be warned about)?

In both this trailer and the first one, we’ve glimpsed recognizable monsters/foes like the Judoon and the terrifying (and recently remodelled) Cybermen… will there be other familiar faces in the upcoming season? And was that a Racnoss we spied?


Trailer two sees Yas let out nothing short of a hair-raising, blood-curdling, life-or-death situation scream. Does Season 12 get as dire as that scream makes it out to be?

Out of all the freaky monsters new and old that this trailer and the last trailer showed us, is the most terrifying one the thing trying to get into the TARDIS at around the 50 second mark in this new clip? Oh wait, we know the answer to that one: YES. But what is it?

For possible answers (and a lot more questions), check out the newest trailer below—and tune in to CTV Sci-Fi Channel on January 1 for the return of the Thirteenth Doctor.