The First Trailer For Doctor Who’s Twelfth Season Just Dropped


The Doctor is back with a very first look at the upcoming season of Doctor Who, Thirteen’s second spin through time and across the universe in a Police Box.

With her companions/BFFs by her side (that’s Graham, Ryan, and Yasmin), the Doctor will once again be battling an array of monsters threatening planetary doom. In this new trailer, we see foes both new and familiar: one part of the trailer features a tipsy giant scorpion that chases the Doctor’s companions through the streets of a major metropolis; in another we hear the familiar guttural language of the Judoon. And about two-thirds of the way through the trailer, we see the terrifying profile of a Cyberman.

Big name guest star Stephen Fry makes an appearance in the video, and the whole crew gets to dress up in some seriously dapper black tie lewks—just in time for their visit to Paris, circa 1943. Yikes.

Overall, the trailer boasts an upcoming season packed with new Whovian adventures… and dark portent. Something or someone is coming for the Doctor. Who could it be? Watch the trailer below and start placing your bets.