We Got Our Hands On A Ton Of Images From Doctor Who’s Season 10 Premiere

If you had a TARDIS to transport you five days into the future, you could be watching the premiere of Doctor Who’s tenth season right now. Since you probably don’t (but definitely DM us if you do), these just-released images from the season’s first episode are pretty exciting. They reveal a closer look at the Doctor’s new companion, a very damp-looking possible new monster (unless that contaminated Martian water from season four has made it to Earth), Nardole’s return, and (duh) Daleks. Check out the images below:


Oh hey, number Twelve has taken up a new profession. Now: is it Doctor Professor or Professor Doctor?


One thing hasn’t changed, though: he’s still an avid runner…


And a thinker…


And a… mambo dancer?


He’s still hanging out with the same crew.


With one notable new edition.


Bill, the Doctor’s latest companion, seems to be making nice with this Who veteran.


And to her credit, she only looks a little bit like she has absolutely no idea what’s going on.


We don’t care though. We like her.


We don’t know who this is…


Strange how people are way less scary when they’re dry. We’re not sure we even want to know who she is now.


Kidding. Of course we do. Find out for yourself when Doctor Who returns to Space April 15.