Ya-Who! The Doctor’s Staying On Space For Another Season

The Doctor’s home may be far away on Gallifrey but when it comes to where he hangs out here on Earth, Space is his home channel—and it’ll stay that way when Doctor Who returns for its 10th season.


As an exclusive broadcaster of the show, Space has renewed its agreement with the BBC to be the only place to find the Doctor in Canada. Also, without the aid of a TARDIS, Whovians can go back in time and stream season one through eight on CraveTV right now. Season nine will be available this summer and season 10 will become streamable after it airs on Space.


“Space has done a phenomenal job with one of the BBC’s crown jewels, Doctor Who,” said a BBC exec. “They have nurtured it, and built it, and are now going to make it accessible to everyone on multiple platforms—exclusively. This longstanding partnership exemplifies dedication in giving the fans what they want, when they want it, and hopefully attracting loads more along the way.”

The Doctor will be back next winter with a brand new Christmas special that will air on Space in December. After that, the 10th season of the Who—showrunner Steven Moffat’s last—will hit the network in the spring of 2017. The following season will see experienced Who writer Chris Chibnall become the Doctor’s new behind-the-scenes companion.