New Doctor Who Trailer Welcomes Back The Most Dangerous Man In The Universe

The recently released promo clip for the upcoming season of Doctor Who shows us the Doctor through his new companion’s eyes. To Pearl Mackie’s Bill, he’s funny, amazing, and… the most dangerous man in the universe.

Her first impressions of the Doctor hint at the possibility of a high-octane season. The Doctor, says Bill, claims to be a man of peace—but, she adds, war seems to be the milieu he’s most comfortable in.

“Hearing [Steven Moffat’s] plans and stories for 2017, it’s clear he’ll be going out with a bang,” says on-deck Who showrunner Chris Chibnall of his predecessor’s final season helming the series.

We know that the new season will see the Doctor, Bill, and Matt Lucas’ Nardole come up against monsters both new and classic, and, of course, Missy. “I love seeing the Doctor being really confronted with the most cosmic of challenges,” says Peter Capaldi, “I love him really battling it out to save the universe from some awful threat which is cosmic. And I think we’ve got quite a lot of that coming up, so I’m looking forward to taking the Doctor to the forefront of the cosmic battlefield.”

The TARDIS fires up its space-and-time-transcending engines for Twelfth Doctor’s final season this April 15 on Space. Check out the latest clip below.