Doctor Who Recap: The Tsuranga Conundrum Introduces A Monster As Cute As It Is Vicious


What has two legs, big, adorable eyes, toxic skin, and is vicious AF? That’d be the monster on this week’s episode of Doctor Who, the dreaded (but still kinda cute) P’Ting. Knocked out by a sonic mine while scavenging for parts on a junk planet, the Doctor and her companions wake up aboard a medical ship. Only recently reunited with her TARDIS, the Doctor panics and tries to turn the ship around, not considering the fact that there are other patients aboard who need medical attention available only at the ship’s HQ.

Soon, the other patients (including a legendary General with a heart condition and a pregnant man that, once again, is not Ed Sheeran) are the least of everyone’s problems. The ship’s automated course puts them in the path of the P’Ting, which boards the ship, kills the head medic, and quickly goes to work devouring the ship’s non-organic components and feasting on their energy. It does not end there. If HQ finds out there is a P’Ting aboard the ship, they’ll detonate it—and everyone on it. In short, it’s a bit of a tight spot.

Once the Doctor figures out that it’s energy the P’Ting is after, she fears that the creature will head straight for the ship’s antimatter drive (a beautiful piece of technology perfected in the 26th century). While Yaz and the General’s android stand guard, the General, her engineer brother, and the Doctor devise a way to pilot the ship back to HQ without them knowing that they’ve manually taken over the controls and diverted from their course. The only problem left is the P’Ting, but the doctor knows just what the little rascal is craving: more energy—the kind packed inside the fail-safe bomb that’s about to destroy the ship. The P’Ting takes the bait and Yaz and the Doctor send it back into space.

What, you might ask, were Ryan and Graham doing this entire time? Putting their Call the Midwife expertise to use by acting as doulas for the pregnant patient (in the 26th century, Gifdan men are only pregnant for a week and give birth via a painless C-section procedure. Because of course they do). Baby Avocado Pear is born without much fuss, unless you count the fuss made by the hysterical soon-to-be dad. A happy moment before a sad one. Saving the ship and its passengers is the General’s last heroic act. Her heart condition kills her, but not before she and her brother get to say a very touching goodbye. Sniff.


5 questions we have about this week’s episode of Doctor Who:

1. Is ‘get a shift on’ the Doctor’s new trademark catchphrase? We like it.

2. Who recognized the actor who played Durkas Cicero? It’s Zadie Smith’s brother!

3. Are we going to meet Ryan’s dad any time soon? He seems to be talked about in nearly every episode.

4. Has anyone actually made it through every episode of Call the Midwife?

5. We don’t actually see the Doctor, Ryan, Yaz, and Graham make it back to the TARDIS—is it going to go smoothly? Will it have been scavenged?