Doctor Who Is That Much Closer To Landing A Hobbit Director

We’re all still reeling from the magnificence that was this weekend’s Doctor Who episode, but even though Season 9 has yet to end, the acclaimed BBC show is looking forward to the future—you know, because that’s what time travelers do. And it looks like nerd worlds are about to collide once again, because showrunner Steven Moffat is still looking for a very special director to take over an episode next year.

Today, critically acclaimed director Peter Jackson uploaded a video to his Facebook page in which he and his daughter discuss the merits of finally taking Moffat up on his offer. Of course, Jackson’s notoriously bad at replying to Moffat’s e-mails, so this time around he’s getting some extra needling from a couple of people close to the show. Err, well, a couple of aliens, actually.

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This was an interesting weekend…

Posted by Peter Jackson on Sunday, November 29, 2015

So does this mean that Jackson’s got the gig, or is it a hilarious joke he’s playing on fans of Doctor Who? BBC declined to comment, but did point out that Peter Capaldi was in town for the Doctor Who New Zealand festival and that this was just a fun video the both of them did together. So don’t take it as confirmation… at least, not yet. anyway.

Either way, Jackson’s definitely in a trolling mood—check out the bookmarked copy of “The Silmarillion,” AKA the incredibly dense prequel to the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, that’s sitting on his desk. Don’t get any ideas there, sir!