Is She Up For The Job? Watch The Doctor Quiz His New Companion

Want to know which song Peter Capaldi would kick off a road trip through space and time with? We’ll give you a hint: it’s a track by a fellow space oddity (but probably not the one you’d think).

Ahead of the premiere of Capaldi’s final season as the Doctor (set your own TARDIS/time machine/iPhone alarm for April 15, destination: Space), the actor interviewed his new co-star, Pearl Mackie at Space headquarters.

Mackie plays Bill, the Doctor’s newest Companion, in the upcoming season, so it was the perfect occasion to quiz her on her Who knowledge and do a quick review of her time-travelling CV. Companion is a full time gig and you’ve got to know your Cybermen from your Silence. So, how did she do? Watch the video below to find out: