Finally: Our First Real Photo Of Who’s Thirteenth Doctor

Doctor Who

Since it was announced last July that Broadchurch’s Jodie Whittaker would be taking over for Peter Capaldi to play lucky number Thirteen on Doctor Who, we’ve been left with dozens of questions about what this Doctor, the first female Doctor in Who history, will be like. Today, we got a photo.

For every new regeneration, there’s a new personality, a new wardrobe, new companions, and (sometimes) a new, updated TARDIS and sonic accessory. Matt Smith’s Doctor dumped David Tennant’s trench coat and Converse for a bow tie (they’re cool) and tweed jacket. Capaldi departed from that look with his signature Doc Martens and Paul Smith suits. What will Whittaker’s look be like? Here’s a hint:

Up until now, we’ve had to rely on grainy screencaps of the reveal video that announced that Whittaker was joining the cast. To top that off, she was still in Capaldi’s Doctor’s clothes. With this initial photo, there’s finally a sense of what Thirteen will be like. Our guess? Playful, funny, and incredibly quirky. Get ready for a spike in suspender sales.