Doctor Who Recruits New Behind-The-Scenes Talent


Doctor Who is revamping everything ahead of its Season 11 premiere, including the show’s music, the show’s logo, and (of course) the Doctor herself. Now we can add behind-the-scenes crew members to that list, as Deadline just announced that four new directors and five new writers will join the Who team this season.

Doctor Who‘s new roster of directors includes Mark Tonderai (Gotham), Jennifer Parrott (Newton’s Law), industry veteran Sallie Aprahamian (EastEnders) and Jamie Childs, who’s helmed episodes of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man and directed Jodie Whittaker’s unforgettable Who reveal last year.

The writing team, who’ll no doubt work very closely with showrunner Chris Chibnall this season, consists of Pete McTighe (Neighbours, EastEnders), Joy Wilkinson (The Life and Adventures of Nick Nickleby), Ed Hime (Skins), Vinay Patel (The Good Karma Hospital), and Malorie Blackman (Byker Grove). Season 11 marks the first time that Doctor Who has brought on writers of colour, a change that’s long overdue. It’s also a change that’s exciting and especially appropriate, however, considering that 2018 will be the first time in over 50 years that Who will feature a female Doctor.


“We have a team of writers who’ve been working quietly and secretly for a long time now, crafting characters, worlds and stories to excite and move you,” Chibnall explained in a recent statement. “A set of directors who stood those scripts up on their feet, bringing those ideas, visuals and emotions into existence with bravura and fun. Hailing from a range of backgrounds, tastes and styles, here’s what unites them: they are awesome people as well as brilliant at their job. They love Doctor Who. And they’ve all worked above and beyond the call of duty in an effort to bring audiences something special, later this year.”

The Season 11 crew may be new, but it sounds like they’re passionate—and when it comes to a franchise that’s as beloved and enduring as Doctor Who, that’s worth a lot. Check out the latest Doctor Who Season 11 trailer below.