Doctor Who Is The Coolest Part of LEGO Dimensions

doctor who

There’s no question, the designers behind LEGO Dimensions are definitely Doctor Who fans. On display at Gamescom 2015 this past weekend, the Who expansion pack consists of a tiny TARDIS, a Cyberman, a Dalek, the Doctor’s trusty companion K9, and a sonic screwdriver-equipped Twelfth Doctor minifig that Peter Capaldi himself has said that he’s totally psyched about.


That’s because in LEGO Dimensions it’s possible for a Time Lord to take a spin in Doc Brown’s Delorean or run into the Ghostbusters inside the TARDIS. The mash-up of so many beloved characters and properties is what made The LEGO Movie so much fun and it’s replicated in the game exponentially.

But back to the Doctor: the game’s creators attest to spending hours in front of a television, going over old episodes reaching all the way back to William Hartnell’s time on the show in order to inject the kind of authenticity that Who fans demand into the game. Dimensions features all-new dialogue from Capaldi, recorded exclusively for the game, while dialogue for the other 11 Doctors was taken from the BBC’s own archives.


Naturally, Doctors can regenerate as their various Time Lord incarnations throughout the game, though they don’t necessarily do that in the order we’re used to, one to twelve. One awesome detail is that when, for example, David Tennant’s Eleventh Doctor reverts to Hartnell’s original, the interior of the TARDIS changes along with hm. Hartnell’s police box even has a ’60s-era patina, appearing intentionally grainy and in black and white.

Here’s IGN speaking with two of the games’ producers at Comic Con last month as they demo the Doctor Who gameplay.

For a Middle-earth-dwelling wizard, Gandalf looks pretty at home inside the TARDIS.

PlayStation 3 and 4, Wii U, Xbox One and Xbox 360 players can get their hands on LEGO Dimensions when it arrives in stores on September 27.