Time And Space Align Perfectly To Bring Samantha Bee And The Tenth Doctor Together

Thank you, Donald Trump.

Look, we’re just as shocked to be writing this as you are to be reading it, but Trump is the reason that two of our favourite things in all of time and space finally crossed paths.

Comedy Queen Samantha Bee had Time Lord David Tennant on a segment of Full Frontal in honour of Trump’s visit to Scotland. There, the pre-apocalyptic presidential hopeful shared his unsurprising views on the recent Brexit vote for the UK to leave the European Union—a decision Scotland stood in firm opposition to.

Trump congratulated Scots for leaving the Union, seemingly unaware that he was a) Espousing a view that stood in stark contrast to theirs; and b) In Scotland. If that weren’t ridiculous enough, he then repeated the sentiment on social media—which is when things got hilarious as Scottish Twitter users kindly chimed in to set him straight.

So where does Tennant (and a bonus second Scottish Doctor Who star) fit in? Watch the clip to find out and check out more from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on Comedy.