There’s A Doctor Who Connection To Toronto’s Rendezvous With Madness Film Fest

On November 3, Toronto’s Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a nine-day run of features and shorts that touch on the topic of mental illness. This year’s lineup has a lot to offer for genre film fans but the thing we’re most excited about is the opening night movie that stars the one and only David Tennant (or Ten, to Doctor Who fans).

Tennant stars alongside Elisabeth Moss and Michael Gambon in Mad to be Normal. Set in the 1960s, the movie is “a dramatic portrait of the radical Scottish ‘anti-psychiatrist’ R.D. Laing, notorious for challenging psychiatric orthodoxy.” God, we love David Tennant doing his own David Tennant accent—and playing a doctor once again, too.

For horror and exploitation fans, there’s Kier-la Janisse’s In Conversation event about her lifelong connection to the two genres and the ways she used those kinds of movies as a refuge when she was a young woman. Her autobiography, House of Psychotic Women, talks about how her relationship with horror movies developed from her childhood through to her professional life as a film festival programmer, critic, and author. In her talk, Janisse will use a cinematic lens to examine the relationship between women and madness. (We’d love to hear what she thought of mother!)

Other highlights of the festival include the International Premiere of director Eve Marson’s Doctor Feelgood, a documentary about a rogue physician convicted of dozens of counts of drug distribution, and The Girl, The Mother and the Demons, based on events from filmmaker Suzanne Osten’s tumultuous childhood.

The Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival runs from November 3 until November 11 and takes place at several venues in Toronto. Tickets and more information about the entire lineup of 16 features and 34 shorts can be found here.