Doctor Who Christmas Special Poster Heralds The Return Of River Song

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas—or at least the part we care most about: the Doctor Who Christmas special. Set to air on Christmas day (really, could Santa bring a better gift?) the special will see the much overdue return of the Doctor’s wife, River Song. It was announced back in September that actor Alex Kingston would take up her hallucinogenic lipstick and resume the role once more but now we’re getting a glimpse of what that’s going to look like.

Yesterday the BBC used Twitter to reveal the poster for the upcoming special featuring Song, a big, unfriendly looking red robot, and the Doctor (sonic screwdriver in hand, we might point out). Check it out:

The special, titled “The Husbands of River Song,” will have to follow a tough act. Last week’s Steven Moffat-penned episode was close to perfect and the finale, airing this Saturday and starring Maisie Williams once again, was also written by Moffat—so we’re expecting big things.