Here’s An Early Xmas Gift In The Form Of A Surprise Doctor Who Sneak Peek

Here it is, folks: the first extended clip of this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special (actually, this year’s only Doctor Who anything). You’re probably too excited to read whatever it is we’re about to write, so we’ll keep it curt.

It’s been a bunch of weeks since we got our first glimpse at the forthcoming special, courtesy of New York Comic-Con, but the wait was worth it, because this one’s a doozy.

The clip sees the Doctor and co. sneaking into the hundredth floor of a mysterious science research institute, then getting caught, and then getting rescued (or not?) by the Ghost (played by Justin Chadwin), who’s very super and also very bulletproof.

Ok, enough set up—watch!

The Doctor Who Christmas special airs on—do I even even have to tell you?—Christmas. Surely there will be plenty more announcements in the meantime.