The Doctor Meets The Ghost In Latest Who Christmas Special Trailer

Alien lifeforms, superheroes, flying office maintenance workers, and Nardole all figure into the latest promo clip for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special.

We’ve known for awhile now that the special, “The Return of Doctor Mysterio,” would be set in New York and feature Shameless‘ Justin Chatwin in the role of a caped superhero who crosses paths with the Doctor. The new trailer reveals his identity as “masked vigilante” The Ghost (by night, at least—by day he’s some guy called Grant).

But don’t think that Doctor Who is switching tracks from the world of sci-fi to the superhero universe—watch the new trailer to see brain-shaped, blue-tinged alien lifeforms (in jars), a creepy corporate overlord, and (as mentioned) the half-human, half-cyborg sidekick from the colony of Mendorax Dellora, Nardole.

Check out the video below: