DMC Returns With New Villains, Same Fresh Adidas Suit

In an intriguing change of career, Run-D.M.C.’s Darryl McDaniels transitioned from hip hop pioneer to comics publisher when he founded Darryl Makes Comics. While this might sound like an ill-considered lark, McDaniels has since made it clear that superheroes were his first love, an empowering influence that taught him much of what he knows about the world. Raised on a strict diet of Avengers, Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man, and many other Marvel favourites, McDaniels had been harbouring a desire to try his hand at this form for decades. His dream finally came to fruition last year when he launched DMC, a graphic novel anthology about a “fly brother in a fresh Adidas suit,” who takes on corrupt superheroes, and other assorted criminals.

Featuring flashes of breakdancing and martial arts, DMC established McDaniels’ lively take on 1985, while also keeping relevant social issues in play. In DMC #2—which debuts this week at New York Comic Con—McDaniels ups the superhero ante, placing the title character in far greater peril, while also giving him a chance to stretch out and express more of his personal style. We don’t want to spoil any of the surprises, but here’s a quick look at what McDaniels has in store for you this time around.

In DMC #1, you met Leticia Lebron. In DMC #2, she joins forces with our hero under her new name: LAK6.


Before long, LAK6 gets a chance to express her irritation with superhero rival Helios (“he acts like this is his city”), but crime-fighting veteran DMC senses that the problem’s a little more serious.


We soon learn that Helios is losing control of his powers.


In fact, the change is so great that he seriously considers a re-brand.


Distracted by a new drug that the Si Wu Liu gang has got their hands on, DMC winds up at The Roxy… oblivious to a rocking Ramones gig.


As the vibe turns a little more disco, Helios (aka Eclipse) arrives on the scene, determined to unleash a disco inferno of his own.


Needless to say, this evening turns ugly. Never one to hide from his disappointments, DMC gets self-critical and introspective—while jumping about.


LAK6 soon realizes that there’s reason to be worried. Why else would DMC brush up on his martial arts?


In this time of trouble, DMC’s buddy Jase cheers everyone up with a souped-up new vehicle known as Black Betty.


Between LAK6, Jase, Black Betty, and other assorted weirdoes, DMC comes to realize that he has put together quite a crew…


…and then Helios shows up and all hell breaks loose.


That’s all we can reveal, but there’s a lot more where that came from. For the rest of the story, pick up DMC #2 when it hits shelves December 2. Call up your local comic shop to reserve a copy today!