Disney Reveals The Easter Eggs That Connect Every Pixar Film

Fans have been speculating for years that all the Pixar films exist in the same universe. Now Disney seems to have confirmed the theory with a new video highlighting tons of Easter Eggs. Released on the official Toy Story Facebook page the nearly three minute long video takes us through numerous Pixar classics and shows how each film is connected.

The video starts by showing that the lead character from Inside Out appears at the aquarium in Finding Dory and from there we go through a whirlwind of connections. Some of the best include the Toy Story 3 villain Lots-O’ Bear appearing in a bedroom in Up and Gusteau’s restaurant from Ratatouille showing up in Cars. Plus Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles is apparently a popular comic hero as we see a character from Finding Nemo reading his comic, and finally Nemo himself appears as one of Boo’s stuffed toys in Monsters, Inc.

The next film from Pixar will be Cars 3, so keep your eyes peeled for new Easter eggs when it skids into theatres June 16 2017.