Disney Characters Reimagined As Hogwarts Students

Talented artist Isaiah K. Stephens combined your two favorite things—Disney and Harry Potter—and made their worlds collide. Creating a series of illustrations for Cosmo.com, Stephens gave us a brand new way to obsess over our favorite movie characters.

Last month, Stephens reimagined Disney characters as famous ’00 pop stars, including NSYNC and the Spice Girls. Now, he’s inspiring us to start writing fan fiction about Mulan’s adventures in Hogwarts.


Elsa would squirm anxiously underneath the Sorting Hat, while it did its thing. And since Slytherin seems to have a cold heart, we’re going to guess that’s where she’ll end up.    

Snow White


Of course, the OG Disney princess herself, Snow White, is definitely a member of #TeamSlytherin. But seriously, will the Mirror of Erised ever not be sad and depressing?

Mulan and Ariel

Mulan and Ariel would quickly start casting Patronus spells. Kind of surprised legs weren’t Ariel’s Patronus, tbh.  



Everyone’s favourite street rat would have some trouble mastering flying on a broomstick. He’s only used to pole vaulting, apparently.

Milo Thatch

And famed explorer Milo Thatch would lead his fellow classmates through the halls of Hogwarts after dark. I mean, he already found Atlantis, so finding his way around a giant castle shouldn’t be too difficult.

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