Director George Miller Prepares New Version of Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max B&W

Warner Bros.

In light of the rapturous reviews received by Mad Max: Fury Road, it’s hard to believe that the film could be compromised in some way. While director George Miller had final cut and has no problem with the version released in theatres, he plans to add a second version to the Blu-ray.

Talking about post-apocalyptic movies in general, the director has said that the tendency to de-saturate colour in these films frustrates him. As he sees it, filmmakers should either use the kind of vibrant colours found in Mad Max: Fury Road or abandon colour altogether. “It can get really tiring watching this dull, de-saturated color, unless you go all the way out and make it black and white,” he said. “The best version of this movie is black and white, but people reserve that for art movies now.”

In other words, it wasn’t really feasible to release the film in Miller’s preferred version, but he has decided to include a black and white cut on the Blu-ray. The director’s preoccupation with black-and-white goes back to his lifelong love of silent cinema (which predates colour in movies), and an intriguing discovery he made during post-production on The Road Warrior 34 years ago. In order to save money while scoring that film, a black and white version was created—and the director was blown away by the results. “Every time I saw the black and white I thought, ‘Oh, my god!’ It just reduces it to this really gutsy high-con black and white. Very, very powerful.”