6 Mysteries We Want Solved After Watching The Detective Pikachu Trailer

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of one of the most beloved franchises of all time: Pokémon. Fans of the many Pokémon shows, movies, and games likely remember—and continue to relive—the good old days of trading and battling in the playground, learning how to perfectly clone 100 Mewtwos for your perfect army, and constantly writing letters to Nintendo asking for the franchise to be more like a weird fever dream where Pikachu solves crimes.

Well, friends, put down your pens because they finally did it (in Japan, anyways). On Tuesday, a trailer was released for Detective Pikachu, the game we’re pretty sure no one ever asked for, but everyone now really wants.

And here it is:

Questions? Us too! Let’s get started.

1. Where did a Pikachu learn to talk?


And not only talk, but do so like a hardened P.I. whose affinity for whiskey is matched only by his innate crime solving abilities (and fame)?

Talking Pokémon aren’t completely unprecedented—after all, we do have Meowth. However, as fans of the TV show will remember, Meowth is only able to talk at the expense of his Poké-powers and ability to battle (see Episode 70 of the Pokémon Anime Go West, Young Meowth). Could this be why Famous Detective Pikachu doesn’t show us so much as a spark?

2. Why does Pikachu need a human-sized office?


Sure, Pikachu, you’re a detective, you can talk, and you’re famous. That doesn’t mean you can reach those top shelf books. While we’re on the subject, let’s take a closer look at that office.

Wooden ship? Check. Desk made of hand carved mahogany? Check. A set of scales to represent Detective Pikachu’s unwavering dedication to justice? Check. Mickey of whisky? Probably in his top drawer.

3. Why would an electric mouse drink coffee?


He’s an electric mouse! When electric mice are feeling sleepy, they should rub balloons on their heads. Then again, coffee is tasty and this is one satisfying gif.

4. When Detective Pikachu follows people, do they not see him?


According to the official Detective Pikachu website (translated to English) the game takes place in Lime City, where people and Pokémon coexist in a beautiful harmony. So, sure, maybe you wouldn’t look twice at a Pikachu following you around there. But a talking, famous, office-owning, coffee-drinking, hat-wearing Pikachu? Someone get him a coat to match that magnificent deerstalker and cover up his bright yellow skin.

5. Who’s this Tim guy?


Thanks to some dedicated Redditors and Google Chrome’s translate tool, we can confirm the red sweater-clad boy’s name is Tim.

Why does Tim get to solve crimes while you sit at home wishing you lived in Japan? According to the website, Tim and Detective Pikachu have a “chance meeting.” Ya right, Tim. You ran into Famous Detective Pikachu.

6. Why isn’t there a North American release date?