Deadpool Voice Actor Reviews Ryan Reynolds’ Performance

There was a time when actors could feel some sense of ownership about the roles they play on a regular basis, but those days are long gone. With superhero franchises rebooting on a regular basis and/or evolving in several media simultaneously, constant re-casting is a fact of life. Whether you’re Tobey Maguire or Christian Bale, you have no choice but to accept it when the superhero world moves on without you.


This has been particularly true for the actors who have voiced Deadpool over the years. Included in this group is noted voice actor John Kassir. Best known as the voice of Tales from the Crypt’s iconic Crypt Keeper—don’t worry, he’s not really that ugly—Kassir voiced Deadpool in a trio of video games. Speaking to HitFix about a Tales from the Crypt revival being overseen by M. Night Shyamalan, Kassir was given a chance to weigh in on Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool performance—and it turns out he’s more enthusiastic than you might expect.

While Kassir has yet to see the film in its entirety, his initial impressions are quite favourable: “At first when I saw the commercial for it I was like, ‘Is that his voice?’ It’s like kinda high and fun. [But] I think that Ryan Reynolds’ voice is closer to what I was doing to it than what’s currently in the games and the cartoons. So I like it. You know, as far as… I haven’t seen it all together, so I can’t really completely rate it. But I’m sure it’ll be great.”

For a more complete sense of Reynolds’ take on the character, catch his performance in full when Deadpool swings into theatres on February 12th. In the meantime, check out the trailer below, for the 10th time.