5 Ways Deadpool Earned Its R Rating

While a case could be made that Deadpool is the most foul-mouthed, sexually explicit, gratuitously violent superhero movie ever made, it still manages to tick all of the genre’s essential checkboxes. As wild and indulgent as this movie gets, superhero fans should find plenty to appreciate. However, you’ll also want to exercise some viewer discretion before buying tickets for the kids. Deadpool didn’t just stumble into an R rating, it earned that rating with every deranged minute of its running time. Here are five reasons the MPAA had no other choice.

1. Brutal Violence


Wisely relaying the title character’s origin story in flashback, Deadpool wastes no time launching into the first of its many violent confrontations. Before the opening sequence is over, massive amounts of blood are shed and our hero falls victim to a casual act of dismemberment.

2. An Epic Sex Montage


Tired of tedious, long-winded movie courtships that take forever to get anywhere? Deadpool opts for a more efficient—and explicit—alternative: an epic montage that charts several months in the sexual evolution of Wade (Ryan Reynolds) and Vanessa (Morena Baccarin).

3. Strippers


Long after Wade’s turn for the grotesque, he attempts to reunite with Vanessa in a location you definitely won’t find in a Spider-Man movie any time soon: a strip club. For most civilized people, nudity’s no big deal, but the MPAA’s not always civilized.

4. Constant Cursing


I don’t know the MPAA’s precise policy on PG-13 swearing, but films with that rating rarely include more than a “f*ck” or two. Deadpool crosses that threshold in its first minute, and the colourfully crude banter never lets up.

5. Weasel


Tapping into T.J. Miller‘s gift for obscene improv, Deadpool offers the comedian many opportunities to weigh in on the title character’s unpleasant appearance. Saying he looks like “a testicle with teeth” or an avocado that “had sex with an older avocado” might not warrant an R, but he doesn’t stop there. Example: he accurately notes that Wade looks like “Freddy Krueger face-f*cked a topographical map of Utah.”

Deadpool f*cks and sh*ts his way into theatres today. Still not sure you can stomach all that relentlessly crass bad taste? Sample the depravity in the Red Band trailer below.