Deadpool Relaxes On A Bearskin Rug In The First Official Image From Ryan Reynolds


“Deadpool” fans have been clamoring for a feature-length movie about the Merc with a Mouth for years, and even though we know one is coming in 2016, sometimes it’s hard to believe that it’s finally happening. But it IS! Look, we totally have real proof now! It’s HAPPENING!

Not only has the“Deadpool” movie Twitter account finally launched, but actor Ryan Reynolds also just tweeted out a picture of the costume he will wear to play the role of the fast-quipping, fourth-wall breaking Wade Wilson:

So much for that flannel shirt Ryan told us about! In case you were wondering, that is Ryan Reynolds in the suit, which we found when we reached out to FOX for comment. Which is good news, because it fits the man nicely. Plus, they’ve clearly got Deadpool’s signature weird sense of humor down, too. And so does Ryan…

What do you think? And side note, any one else craving some chimichangas right now?