Deadpool Just Broke Another Big Effing World Record

If you like your superheroes extra naughty, you’ll be pleased to learn Deadpool just became the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time, raking in roughly $754 million at the box office.

The previous champ was the Wachowski’s 2003 sci-fi sequel, The Matrix Reloaded, which took in a cool—but not cool enough—$742 million. The main difference between these films is one of them is a raunchy good time and the other is The Matrix Reloaded. It took over a decade for this to happen, but it’s a welcome change that will certainly inspire a slew of R-rated imitators. What exactly this spells for comic book movies is yet to be seen, but it was just announced Batman v Superman will get an R-rated home video release this summer. Not that anyone was able to stand in the way of its financial success.


The most impressive thing about Deadpool’s triumph isn’t just that both critics and fans dug it, but also because the film never hit theatres in the world’s second largest box office, China.

At the risk of raining of everyone’s parade, Deadpool’s only the third highest-grossing R-rated film on U.S. soil, right after The Passion of the Christ and American Sniper and just ahead of The Matrix Reloaded and The Hangover. In fairness, Deadpool‘s easily the best movie in this paragraph.


A Deadpool sequel is already underway, so expect those fourth wall-breaking dick jokes to reach even cruder heights in 2017.