Watch The Career-Making Short By Deadpool Director Tim Miller

Until recently, there’s one thing directors almost never do: break box office records with their first film. Nonetheless, that’s exactly what special effects whiz Tim Miller did last weekend with Deadpool. While this is Miller’s first feature directing gig, he has short film credits going back more than a decade, so he’s clearly put in plenty of hard work. Far more recently, he went behind the camera for a short that played an important role in landing him that career-making Deadpool gig.

In a recent interview with Time Out, Miller opened up about this short, and the role it played in catapulting him to superstar director status. “The executive at Fox who’d been working on X-Men: First Class with Matthew Vaughn had seen a piece I’d done for a DC Universe project, which had a lot of superhero action,” he said. “He thought X-Men: First Class could use some help with working out the detailed action choreography, so I was brought on to help with that.”


While that was an important first step, it was Miller’s work on X-Men: First Class that closed the deal with the Fox exec. “He came down and we met, and by the end of that meeting he said, ‘You know, I think you should really be directing your own film. You’re a first-timer so I can’t get you on anything big, but we have this other movie… Deadpool. Are you interested?’ I’d read the script already and I thought it was great, so I jumped at the chance. And then there were a whole series of hurdles to jump over, to make sure Ryan liked me, to make sure the producer liked me, and to make sure I wasn’t some kind of crazy weirdo.”

If Miller’s a weirdo, it turns out he’s the right kind of weirdo because he got the job—and delivered a blockbuster success beyond anyone’s expectations. But what about that DC Universe project? If you want to see what that Fox executive saw in Miller, watch the short below.