See How 5 Actors Made Deadpool’s Colossus

No matter how you feel about the title character in Deadpool—by his own admission, he can be a little difficult—there’s a good chance you came out of the movie feeling jazzed about Colossus. As promised in the opening credits, this is an entirely CG character, but one that was brought to life through the hard work of many flesh and blood human beings. In a new video, Wired explains how a group of performers joined forces to make one of the most memorable digital characters in recent memory.

Colossus started taking shape in a motion capture studio, but there was still a long way to go. “There was also a separate six foot nine inch performer filmed on location in a classic grey tracking suit,” says Wired’s Mike Seymour. “He still wasn’t tall enough and had to wear either platform shoes or an extra headpiece for height.”


In addition, a third performer was brought in to provide the model for the character’s chiseled jaw-line and a fourth actor (Stefan Kapicic) performed all the dialogue. “Even then, the actual facial animation of those lines was delivered by somebody else,” Seymour explains, adding that the face performer was Digital Domain’s Greg LaSalle.


Sick of reading about Colossus yet? Wait, there’s more. Since LaSalle doesn’t look like the character, his performance had to be re-targeted to fit the metallic facial model. “For this, Digital Domain uses their new Direct Drive system, which—as the name implies—allows Greg’s performance to drive the CG face, while still maintaining high frequency subtle movements.”


For an even closer look at the process of making Colossus, watch Wired’s full video below.