We Ranked Every F*cking Extra On The Deadpool Blu-ray For You

Good news, fanboys and girls: Captain Deadpool just dropped on home video today, so you can watch it on the couch with a piping-hot chimichanga and a shot of Baileys mixed with Kahlua and Amaretto and topped with whipped cream. Like us, you already know and love Deadpool, so we’re here to rank all the bells and whistles that accompany his Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Whatnot Combo Pack. After all, house blowing up watching extra features builds character.

7. Main Menu 


This doesn’t normally warrant applause, but I’d like to start my list off by thanking Fox for not forcing me to watch a dozen ads before getting to the main menu, which fittingly opens with a chimichanga burning in the microwave and climaxes with several film highlights set to DMX’s “X Gon’ Give It to Ya.”

6. Galleries


If you’re one of the (probably few) people who clicks all the way through Blu-ray or DVD photo galleries, you’ll be treated to a smorgasbord of concept art, storyboards, costumes, and unfinished effects. Surprisingly dense stuff for what it is.

5. Deadpool’s Fun Sack


Here are all the viral videos and photos that led up to the film’s release, including an ill-fated interview between Saved by the Bell’s Mario Lopez and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds. Certainly not your cookie-cutter marketing campaign, fans should be happy to have them all housed in one convenient package.

4. Gag Reel


At times, Deadpool feels like one feature-length gag reel, but these six minutes of additional ad-libbing show us just how much fun the cast was having, with Wade and Vanessa’s sexcapades reaching new explicit heights and T.J. Miller’s Weasel finding even more creative ways to crack jokes about Wade’s newly disfigured face.

3. Deleted/Extended Scenes


One of the most refreshing things about Deadpool was its brisk running time that didn’t overstay its welcome (take note, every single other superhero movie). While the majority of this 20-minute assortment of deleted and extended material is a nice supplement to the main course, one scene in particular shows the darker side of Wade. Titled “Cancer World Tour,” it sees Wade and Vanessa travelling to a shady clinic in Guadalajara in a last ditch effort for a cure. However, when the doctor turns out to be a quack, Wade brutally kills him in front of everyone, including Vanessa. In his optional commentary track (which complements every scene), director Tim Miller expresses his fondness for this key moment, and how much it sucked that he had to cut it to keep up with the film’s frenetic pace.

2. Audio Commentaries


As someone who actually enjoys audio commentaries, I was pleased to discover not one but two tracks on the Blu-ray disc. Reynolds and screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have an amusing dynamic, offering a perfect balance of crude humour and neato factoids about the inception of the film. If you’re looking for something more formal, Tim Miller and Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld will leave your head stuffed with knowledge about the origin of the comic book character and how he was translated to the big screen.

1. From Comics To Screen… To Screen


I hope you left room for dessert, because this is the superhero landing of extras. If you’re going to watch one thing on this disc, watch the movie, obviously. If you’re going to watch two things, this 80-minute doc is essential. Filled with a similar dose of goofball charm and technical smarts, From Comics to Screen… to Screen is comprised of five parts exploring Deadpool’s history. “Origin…ier!” starts off with the red guy’s comic book origins and how that would eventually transition to the big screen–twice. “Peoples and Muties!” goes over the film’s cast and even explores Stan Lee’s strip club emcee cameo. “Stylin’!” tackles Deadpool’s rubbery suit and Wade’s even rubber-ier skin. “‘Splosions!” offers an in-depth looks at the film’s very cool freeway massacre—and how shutting down the Vancouver location was entirely Reynolds’ fault. Finally, “Magic!” picks apart pretty much all of the film’s special effects highlights. Rest assured, you’ll walk away knowing exactly how they pulled off Deadpool’s grotesque baby hand.

Like I already said, Deadpool is out now on Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD, LaserDisc, VHS, and craptastic Betamax. Here’s just the Blu-ray trailer: