Deadpool 2 Writers Quell Concerns About Upcoming Film

Due to the seemingly endless stream of information about Deadpool 2‘s new characters as well as news that John Wick’s David Leitch would be helming the sequel in place of former director Tim Miller, fans of the Merc with a Mouth are understandably concerned about the direction in which the second film is going. Will the movie still focus more on Deadpool and less on secondary characters like Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Domino? Will Deadpool 2 be just as self-referential and vulgar as the first Deadpool? The answers to both questions seem to be a resounding yes.

In a recent interview with Cinema Blend, Deadpool and Deadpool 2 co-writer Paul Wernick tried to suppress fears that Deadpool will be overshadowed by his numerous other super-powered comrades. “I think first and foremost it’s a Deadpool movie, and then we just have to build. His supporting cast is some of the characters we fell in love with in the first one, introducing new characters into that world,” Wernick explained. “Deadpool is the leader of this very dysfunctional family.” That all sounds good to us, and describing Deadpool as the leader of a dysfunctional family just makes us want to see the film’s cast do an over-the-top parody of the Brady Bunch title sequence (which we honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see given Wernick and Rhett Rheese’s propensity for poking fun at every pop culture entity imaginable).

In a separate interview with IGN, Wernick and Reese addressed concerns that the switch from Tim Miller to David Leitch as director could cause the tone of the second Deadpool film to differ from the first. While admitting that Leitch has a “point of view that different from Tim’s,” and that everyone consequently wants “to try new things and to do things a little bit different from the first Deadpool,” he also thinks that fans of the first film will be “very satisfied” with how the sequel turns out.

Leitch directed the Deadpool 2 teaser trailer that is now known for featuring Ryan Reynolds in all of his unclothed glory (albeit, through the foggy window of a phone booth) and if the finished film looks and sounds anything like the teaser, we probably have nothing to worry about.