Ryan Reynolds Reveals Deadpool 2’s Secret Weakness


Arriving just over two years after Deadpool, Deadpool 2 was an exercise in accelerated creativity for all involved. According to Ryan Reynolds, this is one of the key differences between the original and its sequel. “The first movie, I was pushing for 11 years to get it made, and we had about eight years to get that script right,” he said in a recent interview. “This one they gave us about eight months, so really it was just more of a holy sh*t situation… we had the story beated-out while we were shooting Deadpool 1, we just never imagined Deadpool 1 would do so well that we’d be required to do another one, so we were all kind of shocked.”

In spite of the challenging schedule, Reynolds and his collaborators managed to deliver a top-notch sequel that improves upon its predecessor. However, the actor believes he and his co-writers fell short in one crucial area. “I would say the biggest thing that we dropped the ball on is just calling it Deadpool 2,” he explained. “You know, I think we could’ve done something more to distinguish ourselves from Deadpool 1. But we definitely went back and forth about a hundred different subtitles… Escape From Unicorn Mountain, Escape From Josh Brolin’s Pants, all kinds of crazy things. But yeah, we ended up with just sort of going with lazy Deadpool 2.”

Deadpool 2 is in theatres now. Check out the trailer below.