Deadpool 2 Director Promises A Fresh Take On The Character You Love

As we explained on Tuesday, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are currently putting the finishing touches on the Deadpool 2 script. At the same time, David Leitch is carefully developing his plan for the film—and it sounds like the John Wick director is right at home navigating this movie’s balance of action and comedy.

“It’s kind of been an all-encompassing collaboration, and actually when I came on it was really an open forum to pitch all ideas,” he told Cinema Blend. “There may be camps. Obviously action is in my DNA, and they do look to me for that, and I might look for them, ‘Is my idea funny?’ It’s a great team. We’re really collaborating, and I’m loving the process. They’re open to hear my fart jokes as much as anybody’s.”

As for the challenge of simultaneously reinventing the franchise and giving fans what they want, Leitch believes they’re on the right track. “I think you have to pay homage to this movie that’s so beloved,” he said of the original. “Everybody is anticipating it. And I think we have to find a way to make it distinctly our own, and we’re doing that. The DNA of Deadpool shouldn’t change. He’s such a lovable character, we’re going to carry that through.”

Deadpool 2 hits theatres some time next year, but you can revisit the (very premature) teaser below: