Deadly Class Recap: Will The Kids Of The Black Hole Ever Escape?


The situation at Casa Shabnam is getting weird(er). Chico’s distinctly less animated head looks on as Chester steals the spotlight in a depraved version of Annie Get Your Gun, and Shabnam’s dog-dad makes a run for it but ends up impaled on a booby-trapped garden gate.

Saya captures it all on film (where do you get a roll like that developed?) and brings it to the Vegas crew so that they can plan their attack. Willy decides he’s out and packs up his car and his new girlfriend to head to L.A. Turns out his gut feeling was right… the Vegas crew’s timing is terrible.


If the whole purpose behind the operation to take out Chester is to prevent him from sending Chico’s head to his father, Diablo, then we can classify the attack as an epic fail. Madam Gao was right when she said that you should never send a teenager to do an adult’s job (especially when said teenagers are hungover and covered in their own excrement). Not only does Diablo already know that Maria was involved in Chico’s death, he also takes this knowledge and uses it to get revenge on an unlikely target. Diablo doesn’t go after Maria—not yet anyway—instead, he heads for Master Lin’s house, left unprotected by Saya, who had a prior obligation.

In the melee at the Lin residence, the Master’s martial arts-trained wife (who IS she?) sacrifices herself to save their daughter by putting her own head between her child and Diablo’s bullet. Could Saya have prevented this? We doubt it, but that doesn’t mean that Lin won’t punish and/or kill her over the loss of his wife. The death is made that much more senseless by Marcus’ major screw up: getting wasted and passing out in a park after having sex with Saya (and telling her he loves her) the night before the crew is supposed to attack Chester’s suburban fortress. How well can this possibly go with Saya and Marcus so terribly hungover? Guess we’ll find out next week. 


Meanwhile, betrayals and counter-betrayals are piling up so quickly it’s hard to keep track of who’s on which side. Brandy Lynn and Viktor, against all odds and appearances, have stayed loyal to Master Lin. Shabnam, however, has been recording Marcus and feeding that information to Gao (and probably to Chester, via Shab’s parents). As for Madam Gao herself, she has yet to betray Master Lin to the Guild because of the shame she herself would suffer for his indiscretions… but how long will she hold out?

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